Thursday, March 07, 2013

Cook's Illustrated Favorites - March

It is a new month and time for my favorites again. These are the Cook's Illustrated recipes that I really like and make more than once. (Or at least I want to make again - it is amazing how many recipes I've only made once, that I really loved.) 

Recipes I've reviewed: 
  • Pan Seared Chicken Breasts - this is good and simple. It isn't 'quick' but the breasts start in the oven at a low heat, and it isn't a lot of effort. I've made this one a lot. 
  • Banana Bread - there has been a new version of this banana bread since this one was published. But this version is easier and just as good as the newer one. 
  • Thai-Style Curried Chicken Fried rice - I have made this one a lot, although not in a while, because a picky eater entered my life. But I will make it again with leftovers sometime soon, now that I'm thinking about it again. 
  • Glazed Lemon Cookies - or lemonade cookies as my nephews once called them. These are good. 
  • Simple Chili - technically this may be a "January" recipe, but they published it twice. Once with beef and once with Turkey. I like it both ways. 
  • Wilted Spinach Salad - I lightened the recipe up a bit, and it still very good. 
  • Classic Brownies - I like this version better than their new brownies. 
  • Brown Sugar Cookies - this is one of those recipes I've only made once or twice, but that I really loved. I just don't 'need' to make cookies that often and have so many good recipes. 
  • Garlic Potato Soup - another I've only made once, but want to make again
Recipes I love, but haven't reviewed: 
Making this list made me aware again of all the recipes that I want to try but haven't tried yet from March. So there may be some more added to this list soon. 

Actually I did make the Potato Galette last weekend and really liked it, so that one will be added soon hopefully. 

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