Saturday, April 01, 2006

About this Blog

This is not like most other food blogs. It is not a great read, and there are only a few recipes. Instead, it is a Recipe Review blog. It is a place for me to review the recipes I have tried. Often half the cooking I do is something new. But when I do go back to an old recipe, I don't want to waste my time repeating past mistakes, so this blog has been an easy way for me to prevent that from happening.

I also like using this blog to search for recipes by ingredient (see the label section) when I want to use up an ingredient I have on hand. I have posted the time it takes to prepare and cook, so that I know what to expect next time, and this has come in handy more than once.

If you are fan of Cooking Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen you might find this blog useful because most of the recipes I use come from there. I have links to the recipe source when available, but many of the Cook's Illustrated recipes are for subscribers only, so you will be asked to log in. Many of the Everyday Food recipes are on-line and I provide the link when available. (The Martha Stewart web-site changed in the past year though, so I am still working on fixing the old links.)

Basically this is my cooking journal, so I can keep track of recipes that I like (and remember not to make the ones I don't like again.) I keep it public because some people might find some of the info on here useful.

To see my very favorite recipes, click on the "A+" label below. Some are amazing "wow" recipes and some are just really simple things that I use over and over again.

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