Sunday, April 02, 2006

Magazine - Everyday Food

NOTE:  If you clicked to here looking for the recipe, go back and try to click on the link attached to the date.  I try to include the link to the recipe when I find it available online.

Although my most successful recipes come from Cook's Illustrated, I also use recipes from Everyday Foods magazine quite often. My success rate is a little lower (maybe around 75% of the ones I have tried) and I can tell from reading some recipes that I wouldn't like them much. However, these recipes are generally quick, and some of them offer creative and interesting combinations. Some of the best ideas are the pasta recipes and the desserts.

I subscribed since the beginning (I was mailed a free copy of the premiere issue and subscribed after having success with many recipes), but after about 4 years, I felt like I didn't need it anymore, because of the repeat ideas. I have enough of a stable of recipes from this magazine to last me a lifetime.

There is currently an Everyday Food show that is on PBS. They usually feature about 5 or 6 recipes from the magazine per show, and it is sometimes helpful to see the recipes in action.

To see the recipes I use from this magazine, click on the "ef" label below.

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