Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rosemary Focaccia

Total Time: 24 hours, with very little work
Hands on Time: 20-25 minutes 
Bake Time: 30 minutes
Cool Time: 30 minutes 

Grade: A

Make Again: Yes 

The Focaccia is very easy to make, but you do need to be patient. You need to start the biga the night before. The dough is very wet and does not kneading – just folding, every 30 minutes, 3 times. 
My dough was probably a little too wet because I couldn't really make it into a ball at the end and it spread out in pan without my help, but it turned out fine. 
It was very good, but a little greasy. I even used a bit less oil. I also used a little less salt because it seemed like so much, but it could have handled more. 
I have already reviews CI's earlier version of this recipe here. I definitely like this recipe more so this will be the one I use if I want to make focaccia again.

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