Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Popcorn Cookies (from Smitten Kitchen)

Prep Time: 24 minutes
Cook Time: 10-12 minutes

Grade: C

Make Again: No

Recipe Source: Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

I only read one blog, and that is Smitten Kitchen. I enjoy her writing and the food looks good. But I have never really tried a lot of her recipes before. So I decided to get the book from the library before I buy.

The first recipe I wanted to try was popcorn cookies. Such a clever idea and part of the reason I enjoy reading her blog. She is a creative cook, but not overly fussy.

These take a bit longer because you need to make the popcorn first. But it is otherwise a simple recipe.

The first cookie I ate (still quite warm) was good. Not amazing or anything, but good. The soft dough with the popcorn was good, and slightly reminded me of caramel corn. But the cooled cookies were not as good. I ended up not liking the texture of the popcorn with the cookie. I tried some again today, and my feelings are still lukewarm on them. No need to eat a cookie if doesn't taste great I think.

I am not ruling out the cookbook based on one recipe. I will definitely be trying some more before I fully judge. Regardless, it is an enjoyable easy read. (If you like reading cookbooks!)

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sally said...

Agreed. Love the blog and the rest of the cookbook, but these were a dud.