Saturday, July 23, 2011

A brief break from recipe reviews

This has nothing to do with recipe reviews, but I am sharing a link to my on-line Photoshop course. It is a beginner's course and deals with the professional version of Photoshop CS5 (or earlier), not the consumer version Photoshop Elements.

I don't do much photo processing on the photos on this blog, simply because I am usually rushing to get these posts completed and don't have any moments to spare. But the techniques learned in the class could help improve your photographs and will also introduce some techniques for graphic design. I have a more advanced class coming out soon on how to make better selections in Photoshop.

For only $19 you get access to 5 hours of on-line instruction, all photographs used in the course, and reference sheets for most of the tools that we learn in the class.

Introduction to Photoshop

Now back to our previously scheduled reviews.

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