Monday, September 20, 2010

Spaghetti with Egg and Breadcrumbs

Total Time: 30 minutes (half recipe)

Grade: A

Make Again: Yes

Recipe Source: Best International Recipe

Recipe Source: The Best of America's Test Kitchen 2008

I overcooked my egg, but this was still delicious.  I wimp out sometimes when it comes to runny eggs, and I should have taken this egg off the burner sooner.

The recipe called for 10T of oil for 4 servings.  I cut that down to 4T (or 2T for a half recipe) and it was plenty.  I also only used 1 clove of garlic for my half recipe (instead of the 2) and that was also plenty for me.  The end result was still very garlic-y but not too much.

I used wheat bread for the crumbs, and they were delicious. The salty bread crumbs with the garlic pasta was a great combo.  Even without the egg the dish would be very good.  But I like the idea of that added protein on the pasta, so I'm going to make this again and hope to do better with the eggs.  Especially because this is a fairly simple dish to make. 


Anonymous said...

Okay ...This never came to my mind - egg on spaghetti?
Without plagiarizing can you give me an idea about what is garlic pasta?
My husband and I started getting Cook's Country magazine last year (and website) and he has made many recipes that were so good.

Anonymous said...

That looks awesome.

Lisa said...

Basically, just carefully heat some garlic in olive oil. Add some salt and red pepper flakes if you like a little spice. I use very little olive oil, but you can use more if you don't care about fat/calories! After pasta is cooked, save some pasta water and mix pasta with garlic oil. Add pasta water to thin a bit.

Add some toasted bread crumbs on top. (1-2 slices of fresh bread chopped in food processor and mixes with some salt and a little oil, toasted at 350 till brown). Then add a fried egg and some parmesan.

It is really, really good. I actually made this a month ago, but am posting slowly, and now I'm craving again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lisa. I've got to try this tomorrow when I've got time to actually cook some breakfast. (job interview this morning) I've been eating quite a few soft-boiled eggs on toast and this will be a nice alternative.