Saturday, January 09, 2010

America's Test Kitchen

Just a note about the recipes I'm rating here. Many of them come from the various Cook's Illustrated magazine and the various spin-off books. I subscribe to the online version of the magazine, which includes all info from the printed version and includes short videos of the recipes. It is well-worth the price! But I can't post the recipes here.

However, many of those recipes are also featured in their TV show America's Test Kitchen. I believe all recipes on the show have a free on-line version, so you can find the recipes there.

I will be going through my old posts and adding links where I can, but in the meantime, you might look there if you are looking for a recipe.

Update: Actually, I was just exploring their web-site and it looks like they only have the recipes for the current season and previous season. (Probably whatever is airing on TV.) So, if you find a recipe there you want to try, print it out, because it may eventually not be available again.

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