Monday, November 30, 2009

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Prep Time: 25 minutes
Cook Time: 9-14 minutes per pan

Grade: A

Make Again: Yes

Recipe Source: America's Test Kitchen TV (Season 10)
Recipe Source: Cook's Illustrated (May 2009)

I did make these once when the recipe came out, but didn't get to post about it. I almost didn't try it. How many different ways can you make chocolate chip cookies? And CI had already perfected the recipe, I thought.

However, this is a little different. You need to brown your butter first. And then the mixing is done in stages, letting the wet ingredients sit for a bit in between beatings. That does make it take longer. But it is easy work, and I have said before, I like to have those breaks for cleaning my kitchen, so I didn't mind the extra time. Another difference is using dark brown sugar, and more salt than normal. Some might not like the saltiness - these have a hint of the sweet-salty thing going for them when you use the full teaspoon. I used a very scant teaspoon myself - maybe closer to 3/4 t.

I chose to make these smaller. The recipe makes 16 large cookies, but I made 32 regular sized cookies instead. They are quite rich. Not that I didn't eat more than one when I made them!

The flavor does end up quite good. The browned butter adds a richness (and the fact that there is a lot of it!) These are more adult chocolate chip cookies, but I've served them to kids and they liked them too.

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Doctor Stock said...

Yummy... and I love the fries too! I'm hungry now... gotta go eat.